Byrd Surveying, Incorporated holds the following Professional Registrations:

Professional Land Surveyor, Alabama PLS #24217
Professional Land Surveyor, Kentucky PLS #3464
Registered Land Surveyor, Tennessee RLS #1916
Professional Mapper & Surveyor, Florida PLS #LS6403
Professional Land Surveyor, North Carolina PLS #L-4479
Professional Land Surveyor, South Carolina PLS #24269

We also have Survey Associates with registrations in Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi. If surveying is not needed, we are associated with professionals in several different fields, such as Land Acquisition, Photogrammetry, Hydrography, Geographic Information Systems, Soil Testing and Geotechnical work.

Byrd Surveying is proudly partnered up with the professionals shown above and we are all working together to build a brighter future.